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Your partner in child benefit and tax refunds throughout Europe!

If you work or work as an EU foreigner in Germany, you also acquire claims against the German state on a daily basis - in the form of tax refund claims and social benefits.

UnionTAX helps you to claim your money quickly and easily. Everywhere in Europe!


With UnionTAX You can assert your claims quickly, easily and reliably

Asserting claims in Germany is not easy. Not only do you need to know what your claims are, you also need a partner who has the means and the ability to successfully enforce your claims before the German authorities.

And this partner is UnionTAX! Every year, our experts help thousands of EU citizens to claim their money.


How can UnionTAX help me?

UnionTAX helps you deal with the German authorities in an all-encompassing manner, with the following matters:

Get your tax back!

If you worked as a tax-payer in Germany, then you have almost always paid too much advance tax. Here you can calculate how much money the German Treasury owes you.

Calculate your tax refund

Do not give away your money!


How does it work?

To declare your taxes in Germany with UnionTAX very simple: You instruct us and we'll take care of the rest for you. We receive a fair fee for your tax refund and ensure that you receive the monies you are entitled to from the German state:


Calculate your expected tax refund with our tax refund calculator


Give us the mandate to represent your claims to the German authorities.


Now you can sit back. UnionTAX takes care of everything. You have applied for your tax refund, and you can rely on us!

Child benefits

Very few people know that they can claim German child benefits for every day they worked in Germany.

Give your children a little more quality of life - and instruct UnionTAX  to apply for your child support benefits.

About the legislative changes in Germany

How much child benefit money are my children entitled to?

To calculate how much German child benefit money you are entitled to, simply use our online calculator. And if you like your calculation results, then you can simply commission us online.

Apply for your child benefit now

With UnionTAX, you are on the safe side

UnionTAX aims to make dealing with the German authorities easy and uncomplicated, for all European employees.

Instead of having to deal with the German forms and laws yourself, we take over full representation of all your interests on your behalf.


UnionTAX - your partner for child benefits and tax refunds in Europe!

UnionTAX  is one of the leading organizations, representing EU employees in child benefit and tax procedures.

Every year, we successfully represent more than 7,000 clients from all over Europe.


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