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If you suspect that any of your intellectual property rights has been infringed by our website, please notify us immediately via e-mail. We will promptly take appropriate measures to prevent the infringement of any of your rights and will immediately remove any elements that possibly infringe on your intellectual property rights until the situation is properly clarified. Please note: A time-consuming involvement of a solicitor in a cost-related warning of the UnionTAX operator, or even simply to request the removal of the disputed element, does not reflect his or her real or intended will. Any resulting costs are therefore not liable for replacement by the management without a court order.

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Only the relevant Swiss laws apply.

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The disclaimer is part of the internet service offering by UnionTAX. If sections or individual terms of this disclaimer are not legal, or n olonger leagl or correct, the content or validity of the other parts remains unaffected.