Do you work/have you worked in Germany?

If you answered 'yes', you may also be accruing German child benefits month by month. We'll help you apply for them. Complete your quick-fill child benefit application now so that UnionTAX can secure your child benefits entitlement today.

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German child benefits made easy!

Since the law was changed at the end of 2017, Germany has made it more complicated for all EU citizens to receive German child benefit payments. Retain our services online and we'll manage your child benefits, from the very first to the last day.

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Establish your entitlement to child benefits

Once you've secured your entitlements through UnionTAX, you accumulate child benefit entitlements in Germany every month - which you can withdraw at the time right for you.

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UnionTAX enforces your claim

UnionTAX will handle all dealings with the German authorities. Once the child benefit for your children has been received by UnionTAX , the money will be transferred to your account!

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Naturally, how you support your children with the money is your business. We're sure you'll put it to good use.

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Attention! The law has changed in Germany

As of 2018, German child benefits can only be applied for retroactively for a maximum of 6 months. So act today. Contact UnionTAX so you don't jeopardize your benefits.

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Apply for child benefits through UnionTAX!

Do you currently work abroad, or are planning to work abroad soon? If so, you should secure your entitlement to your German child benefits now by completing the quick-fill child benefits application.

Very few people know that they can claim German child benefits for each and every day they work or worked in Germany. Let UnionTAX help you receive your money - easily and simply.

Apply for child benefits through UnionTAX!

Complete the quick-fill child benefits application

Retain the services of UnionTAX


Receiving the money


How does it work?


If you work in Germany, you need to secure your child benefit entitlement in timely manner - preferably before you start working. The easiest way to do this is via our online child benefits application!


Engage us to represent your interests when dealing with the German authorities.


UnionTAX works on your behalf to secure your child benefits entitlement vis-a-vis the German authorities. There's no need for worry - we make sure your child benefit has been reliably applied for.


By working in Germany, your entitlement to child benefits accrues each month - which you can claim from the German government at the right time for you.


Once you've accrued sufficient child benefits, UnionTAX experts will automatically contact you and, subject to your approval, apply for your child benefits with the German authorities.


During processing by the authorities, UnionTAX acts as your authorized representative and handles all matters in a manner beneficial to you.


As soon as your child benefit application has been approved, the money you're entitled to will be transferred to your account.