Have you worked in Germany in the last 4 years?

If you've worked in Germany in the last 4 years, it's almost always worthwhile to file a tax return. UnionTAX  makes filing your tax return in Germany and throughout Europe a breeze.

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How much money does Germany owe me?

The UnionTAX online tax calculator helps you calculate how much money the German tax office owes you.

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Get your money back!

If you like the result of the calculation, all it takes is a few clicks of the mouse to retain UnionTAX's tax professionals to file a quick and easy tax return and have your money reimbursed.

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UnionTAX enforces your rights

UnionTAX will take care of all dealings with the German authorities. You'll receive your money via bank transfer as soon as the German tax authorities have deposited money onto the trust account.

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Of course, what you do with the money is entirely up to you. We're sure you'll put it to good use.

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Retroactively up to 4 years!

With UnionTAX, you can file your tax returns retroactively for up to four years - so act fast, your rights from the last few years may not have expired yet!

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Tax refund with UnionTAX!

Have you worked in other EU countries for the last 4 years? If you have, UnionTAX can help you get back any excess tax you've paid.

If you've been working in other EU countries in recent years, tax returns are almost always financially beneficial to you - and UnionTAX makes dealing with all European tax authorities a breeze.

Use the online calculator to calculate approximately how big a refund you're entitled to. With just a few more clicks, we'll make sure you get your money, quickly and easily.

Tax refund with UnionTAX!


Calculate refund online

Retain UnionTAX services

Receiving the money


How does it work?


If you've worked in Germany in the past 4 years, you're usually entitled to reimbursement of prepaid income tax. And with UnionTAX, you can recover your money simply and easily.


Use the online tax calculator to calculate how much money the German state owes you.


If you're satisfied with the result of the calculation and would like your money back, all it takes is a few clicks to retain UnionTAX's services


We'll send you an email with the required power of attorney for you to sign and return to UnionTAX


From this point forward we handle every aspect of your claims. As your authorized representative, we effect the successful application and enforcement of your tax refund claims.


The time it takes to handle your claims will vary slightly depending on the responsible tax office. For safety's sake, please plan on a few months for processing by the German authorities.


As soon as your tax claim has been approved, UnionTAX, as your trustee, will ensure that you immediately receive the funds due to you.